I Wish

I wish people would love us for who we are. I wish they would not see us as different. Who’s to say they are not the different ones? I wish for love and kindness to be given toward all people. I wish people had the love for God like I do. I wish that there was no war and we lived in peace. I wish people would not treat each other with so little respect. I wish love was in the hearts of everyone, not envy, hatred and bitterness. I wish that everyone could be saved from this world of evil. I wish all humans would read the Bible and trust in the one true God. I wish all mankind would believe in Jesus as their Savior. He died to take away the sins of the world. I wish the Holy Spirit would work in the hearts of everyone, so their words and actions would show love for God. These are my wishes for this world.

Love Gavin Schultz


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